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How to Make a Fascinator


Have you wondered how fascinators are made? Often, these little hats give us the attention we desire in events.  While many women do not wear it, when we see it on people, we often want to rock one of them. The royal weddings have always given us different designs and colours of these fascinators.

For people who are not familiar with this headwear, it is attached to the wearer’s head with a comb, strap, or clip. You can rock it for your next aso ebi, prom, events, weddings, or dates. The good news is that you do not have to buy a fascinator. You can easily create one that suits your outfit at home.


Supplies for Creating a Fascinator


  • Small bunch of artificial roses
  • Wired ribbon
  • 6” wide tulle
  • Curly ting (natural floral department)
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun

In a couple of hours, you can learn how to make these fascinators. Here is what you should know before you start creating your fascinator. The fascinator’s underside comes with two alligator clips that secure it to the wearer’s hair. You can move around freely, dance, or bounce around without the fascinator falling off.

Its top base is made of solid satin, which can be glued to, sewed, or both.  To begin, you should bring together the top edge of the 6 wide tulle. You achieve this by pleating it before you can stack the pleats on top of each other.


You should gradually turn the pleats a little bit when you are building a circle.  You should clamp the stacked pleats with a Clover Wonder Clip. The next thing to do is to make use of a needle and thread for stitching the stacked pleats in place. The process should be repeated until you achieve a complete circle of tulle pleats.


You should sew the tulle circle on the base of the fascinator. When doing this, you have to center it on the base. The next step is to sew two small circles in the center for tacking it down.  When you do this, the stitched circles would become hidden under the embellishments.

You would create a fascinator base with a hallo of tulle around it when the stitching is complete. You should put on the large embellishments, which were attached with hot adhesive or glue.


You need to glue down the loop of wired ribbon on its back corner. However, ensure that the glue point stays under the center. The center is w. the flowers would it. Cut the stems off of 3 silk roses and carefully glue them in place one by one to create the effect of a posey on the fascinator.

Finally, you should snip some short ends to offer the gold curly ting. What you should do is to insert them with the adhesive (hot glue) into the center of the posey. You can create an illusion that the two went through the center by adding two coming out of the back of one side, then two coming out of the front from another side.


In the end, the curly ting creates a feel of whimsy and sparkle to the fascinator.







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