Naked is one of those brands that makes clients all over the world constantly happy. They have some of the most beautiful make up palettes. And I am not talking only about the eyeshadow ones, but as a whole their colors, richness and formulas are amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not making an . here. But since we are always talking about make up we have to be honest about the different products that are out there. The Naked palettes are quite famous on Instagram and on many different tutorials. And how could they not be into that since they are so pretty. First of all the Naked packaging is pretty. Then you have the beautiful colors. And it all just comes to a good end. The Naked palettes are not very cheap, but are neither too expensive as are for example the eyeshadow palettes of YSL or Dior. So they are somewhere there in the middle, but give a lot of options.

Expensive and branded cosmetics that are not drugstore bought are quite popular. Everyone wants to use them. And sometimes it is not even about the product itself more than about being obsessed with a certain brand. That makes people go crazy. Wait for hours in lines when a new product comes out and it is crazy. But an obsession is an obsession and you have to do something nice for yourself.

So one of the most recent obsession in the make up world is the new Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. It has those beautiful colors starting from nudeish, going into brownish and then darker ones up to black. Those beautiful colors can’t be described in words. They are what they are and you have to see them and you will immediately love them. I know I love that palette. And it is going to be my most favorite product I own I am sure about that. But do you know what the main problem with it is? There are quite too many fake palettes out there and people are fooled to buy them.

If you have never bought a Naked palette you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the fake one. Of course if you go to a shop like Sephora or something like that, there is no way that you will get the fake one. The real deal is easy to spot once you know what to look for. So what exactly is that?

The box

The boxes of the real Naked 3 and the fake one have quite so many differences. Yes, on both of them you have the Naked 3 sign and then under it is written Urban Decay. All of that is in a goldish color. And the box is something in between rich nude and pinkish brown. Up to here things kind of match. But then the box of the legit Naked 3 is bigger than the fake one. Under the signs of the product and firm there is an illustration of all of the colors from the palette. This one though is not available on the smaller fake box.

When you turn the box to the side there are differences too. On the side of the box of the real Naked 3 you have two signs – on the left it says Urban Decay, written in gold. And then on the right is it written Naked 3, again in goldish. But then on the fake one the sign is one – Urban Decay and it is written in white.

Even if nothing else is shady you will easily spot the fake Naked 3 by the box, because as you can see on the pictures the difference is not small!

shadows 1


The palette

Once you open up that box you will be able to notice difference too. Both of the boxes come with 12 colors. Up to here everything is okay. But when compared side by side you can see how much difference there is.

First of all the brush must have two sides. But on the fake brush the hair is fake too and it feels like it. You will easily feel the hair on your skin.

All of the shades in the palette have their own names. You can look them up online but that does not matter as much. The main difference between them two is the fact that the real Naked 3 start with the lightest color which is kind of white. It continues with a pinkish one. Then come a rose-goldish shape. And almost will the end of the palette you have a pinkish color then you have a brownish-gold one. The colors get darker in a natural way. On the fake palette things don’t look the same. First of all the lightest color is kind of in the middle of the palette. And also you have some shade of a blue color which in the real Naked 3 is NON existent!

The feel of the product

Once you get to apply the product on your skin you will feel like something is wrong. As you can see we have the both the real deal and fake one. And the fake Naked 3 is not reach color. It kind of looks cheap and has no finish. Also the shimmer is kind of strange and does not cover fully.

shadows 2

So be careful when you buy a Naked product. Once you are not sure see those pictures and read here. And just remember the way the box looks and never go for a Naked 3 palette where there is a blue color. Because no blue is naked!

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