How To Overcome Your Pre-wedding “Cold feet”


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You have dreamt and planned for this day all your life, now the “forever after’ is few weeks or even days
away and you are feeling cold chills sprinting down your spin.
How To Overcome Your Pre-wedding “Cold feet”

(Bella Naija)

Does that sound familiar? Why you may ask? Considering the facts that you have finally gotten the perfect man, found the perfect dress and the caterer and wedding planner have all been great and taken care of.

Well, you are in good company and exactly where you need to be. Anxiety has never been an accurate measure of what is in the heart, but it sure is a naughty and troublesome interloper at times like these.

So what does “cold feet” really translate to?

When questions and doubts like “do I really love him? Am I truly ready to spend the rest of my life with someone? Or can I love him and take care of a family? Arise; it is not a sign of trouble, but rather a signpost that you are human. We all have worried our heads about certain exams, job interviews or even how our first kiss with someone special will feel; scenarios less impactful. So compared to the “the day” it is only natural to feel pressure.

That said, if you pay close attention to those fears and if they are legit, take some time to think it through. Alone!

How To Overcome Your Pre-wedding “Cold feet”

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How do you overcome Pre wedding jitters? . are three way to….
1. Think about your man

Realize how happy you are to have met the person who will soon stand next to us and exchange vows with you. “Meant to be” is far from a static state, but rather an opportunity for both of you to grow together. What you get in a marriage is the opportunity to decide to build something together, not a perfect shining moment of magic.

How To Overcome Your Pre-wedding “Cold feet”


2. Plan a getaway before the wedding day.

Pick a day before the wedding and go on a whole-day getaway from the planning and preparations, away from people and even family- make it just you and your husband-to-be. Just enjoy each other’s company surrounded by food, wine, maybe your favorite movies or playlist. In addition, remember not to tell anyone where you are going and switch off all phones.

3. Gently share those feelings with your significant other.

Remind yourself and one other why you fell in love and stayed. Talk about your visions for the future.

Don’t forget to invite us for the big day or at least share pictures and . on how these tips
helped you…


Knowing you have the wedding plans going smoothly may make you feel better. .’s the perfect wedding checklist to make sure you have everything in order.

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