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Nigerian tailors are notoriously unreliable, with their “come today, come tomorrow” attitude to work. They can miss deadlines, ruin the material and style you chose and waste your money. You need to avoid stories that touch when it comes to picking your wedding dress tailor.

When choosing who to trust with altering or making your wedding dress, you are allowed to take your time to get the best. Your wedding dress tailor should not be chosen in a hurry; the disappointment if they fail can ruin your day.

How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress Tailor

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.’s how to make the best choice:

1. Get recommendations from former brides

Your friends who have been through the journey can help you with their experiences and their tailors. Make a list, then eliminate according to other factors like pricing and proximity.

2. Compare prices and quality of work

Even if you’re on a budget, it is possible to get a great quality of work in your price range. Be particular about what you want and the price that can get it for you. Talk to several tailors and compare their pricing before you choose.

3. Look through their Instagram/. page

This is one sure way to know how they work and how the final product will look. You can also see their customer’s testimonials and . and know how their customer service operation works.

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4. Talk to them about deadlines

If a tailor starts hedging about whether or not they can make the deadline you give them, then they probably won’t. To be safe, make your deadline at least two weeks before the actual date to accommodate any last minute corrections.

5. Make a test dress

Especially if you haven’t worked with the tailor before. Have them make you something, give them a deadline, and see if they deliver.

6. Trust your regulars

You already know those tailors that you can always trust to get the style and fit of your clothes right. Every girl has a fave tailor or seamstress somewhere. Trust them with your wedding vision.

Your wedding outfits are not up for negotiation, the slay has to be slayed sis.

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