How to Plan A Wedding With N500,000 In Nigeria


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This article on how to plan a Wedding with N500,000 in Nigeria will guide you through what is important and what isn’t and also how much you are advised to spend on each item.

Weddings can be very expensive. Especially in this part of the world where Owambe is an anthem. Both people that know you and people that don’t are looking forward to your wedding jollof. LOL. Well . is a guide to achieving a N500,000 budget wedding. Thank us later!

Every Saturday, millions (or rather hundreds of millions) of Naira are spent on weddings in Nigeria. A glance at Bella Naija confirms this every weekend. But just because everyone is throwing elaborate weddings doesn’t mean budget weddings can’t be fun too. You just need adequate planning and creativity.

. is a simple guide you can work with.


How to Plan A Wedding With N500,000 In Nigeria


1. Location

Wedding venues cost a fortune! This is one of the main culprits that saps wedding budget. For a N500,000 budget wedding, it’s best you look for a wedding venue in less popular areas of town depending on where you live or an open field where you can put up canopies. These fields usually come very cheap. However, if you must use a hall, then budget a mam of N50,000 for the venue be it for the hall or for canopy rental. Check Vconnect for ideas. Also, use the same location for the traditional wedding and white wedding and the reception. It will save decoration cost and feeding.

2. Guest list

Draw out a very realistic guest list. Maximum of 100 guests with a budget of N1000 per head on refreshment (food, drinks, water and whatever). That’s 100,000 Naira for 100 guests. You are spending this much on food because it is the most important part of the wedding- as far as guests are concerned.


3. Wedding Dress

No need buying a new dress. There are so many bridal houses that rent out Bridal wears for an average of N20,000. Check some of them on VConnect.

4.Groom’s Outfit

Unlike the wedding dress when people can tell if it’s a wedding dress or not, the groom’s wear is simply shirt, shoes and suit. Save cost on this by drycleaning what your man already has. A well-drycleaned suit and shirt will sparkle anyway.


5. Decoration

We all have that one friend that does decoration in church. Why not have a word with her/him? All you need is a touch of your wedding colours draped around, some centre tables and stage covering. Tell them your budget is N30,000 and you’ll like to know what they can achieve with that. No point going overboard.

How to Plan A Wedding With N500,000 In Nigeria

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(Yoruba Weddings)

6. Wedding Shoes

If you both can wear what you already have, would be cost saving but if not, budget a maximum of N5,000 on your bridal shoes.

7. Wedding Bands

You can get a complete set of GL ring for his and hers for N5000 on Lagos Island- if you are in Lagos.

8. DJ/Band

Entertainment is key. Look for a band or DJ you are familiar with. Budget N30,000 for this.


Wedding MCs bring out the fun side of the bride and groom and entertains the guests in general so this is almost a necessity. Budget N30,000 for this as well.

Wedding Cake

For your wedding cake, you can budget another N30,000. Look for less popular bakers that don’t have 1 million Instagram followers. I’m sure they’ll be able to work with your budget.


If you can do your own makeup. Great! If not, get a friend who can. If you eventually don’t find anyone willing to help, budget N20,000 and invite a makeup artist.

Bridal Hair

Wash and curl up the weavon you have at hand. No point buying Brazillian hair that will end up in wraps on your wedding day. Fix the hair before your wedding and just have your makeup artist style the hair for you after makeup. No paparazzi!



This is another thing you need to be willing to spend on. The pictures will be with you for a long time to come. For photography and videography, budget N100,000

Invitation Cards

Get a printer to design and print for you. For 100 copies, budget N10,000


That brings us to a total of N430,000. Keep the remaining N70,000 for unforeseen expenses.


We won’t pretend that planning your own wedding is an easy feat but . is all you need to know to plan your own wedding!

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