I know many people are suffering from P0RN addiction, just because they started by watching one to two to getting addicted. If you are addicted you will always want to watch these such materials everyday. Your life will be revolving around these materials. Research shows that those who watch the materials are always very lazy and with time they become very dumb

Here is how you can overcome the addiction and start a new life.

1. Get Pissed Off
Pissed off that you wasted so much time mastμrbating to photos that have tricked your brain.

Pissed off that it has kept you unmotivated and s’εxless.

You need to get pissed off that you’re not getting the girls you want, that you’re not getting the girls you deserve, because p0rn has sabotaged your life up to now.

You need to get pissed off realizing that life is short, that you have a limited amount of time on this earth, and with that precious time you need to make the most of things. And that p0rn has stolen your time, that p0rn has stolen your relationships, that p0rn has stolen your motivation, and as a man who moves toward success, you don’t have time for that bullsh*t.

2. Delete Your P0rn Collection
Just close your eyes and focus on the number one points on what p0rn has done to your life and just delete everything from your phone or laptop. Delete the history on your internet browser so you will never be tempted to visit the sites again.


If you have hard copy materials just burn them and forget about everything on them.

3. Stop Mastμrbating To P0rn With A Blocker
Its cool to mastμrbatε to real ladies you have met and you can see. So stop doing it with someone who is just in your mind and is not real. All you need is to focus and start looking for your lady friend out there and start a new life with her.

4. Practice Seeing Real Women As Titillating Again

The last point is that you should now start focusing on real ladies once again. This is the best as you will be doing what was in your mind in real life now. It will help you not go it books or videos just looking for unreal ladies to mastμrbatε.

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