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How To Recover After A Heavy Night Out

It’s the official party season and the tendency to drink too much, binge on a little more food, and go overboard with almost everything is very high. Like most adults, you go out partying with your crew and for some weird reason, you decide that letting loose means drinking all night. And of course, while in the moment you can only think “oh, the joys of holiday drinking!”


Somehow, you make it home alive only to wake up the following morning trying to recollect your memory of a night that now appears to be a distant moment in time. The hangover is real and you’re feeling like crap. Your head is pounding like a jackhammer and the only question that comes to mind is: Why did I drink so much last night?

The ills of holiday drinking are all too familiar, but luckily we have solid tips to help you recover like a pro. So for all you party animals out t., . are some proven tips that will help you combat your hangover after a night of one too many tequila shots.


Check out 5 ways to tackle that holiday drinking hangover…

#1. Drink some more

Photo: Nicolas Ruiz | Unsplash

No, I don’t mean more alcohol. Duh!  Drinking water should be number one on your list and I mean lots and lots of water. This helps to flush out all of that intoxication from your system. In addition, you can also drink coconut water, if you have some. After all, coconut extracts seem to cure everything!

#2. Eat fruits & veggies

Photo: engin akyurt | Unsplash

The day after drinking this holiday should be followed by a good dose of snacking on fruits and veggies. Alcohol flushes vitamins from your body, so you need to indulge in fruits and vegetables as they will help your body rebound after a long night of torture. Science has found that the natural sugars found in honey and fruits can actually help you move the alcohol out of your system faster. Good enough reason, don’t you think?

#3. Take coffee or tea

Photo: Clay Banks | Unsplash

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks act as stimulants, which could improve the feelings of fatigue that come with a hangover. In addition, coffee, black tea, and green tea contain some antioxidants that may reduce the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.

However, drinks that contain caffeine are diuretics, which may worsen the effects of dehydration in the body. But that can be controlled by increasing your water in take. You can also have several chunks of watermelon as they give you both the benefits of fruits and water. 

#4. Sleep in

Photo: Kinga Cichewicz | Unsplash

If you have had a late night and you are up early the next day, your body has definitely been robbed of its much-needed REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle. The only solution to this is to stay in bed much longer your body needs to recuperate after a night of heavy partying. Of course, you may not feel sleepy, but that doesn’t mean you should dash out the door. Stay in bed, shut your eyes, and think happy thoughts. Nature will do the rest.

#5. Have a good breakfast

Photo: Chris Ralston | Unsplash

Low blood sugar levels assist the symptoms of a hangover. T.fore, a good breakfast should be a priority as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and may relieve discomfort. Opt for a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, healthful fats, and vitamins. Your body will thank you.

And the final solution? Drink responsibly! After all, the best tip is always that of prevention.


Featured image: Polina Tankilevitch | Pexels

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