There is finally an easy way to get rid of those stains.

Have you ever hugged a guy and left your whole face on his white t-shirt? Many women who wear makeup have suffered in the hands of makeup one too many times. Using ordinary detergents does not help remove the makeup completely so we have decided to help find a solution for you.

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This is an easy way to clean your makeup stains.
  1. Blot the stain with a clean tissue to remove lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara from your clothing.
  2. Spray some cold water onto the stain.
  3. Apply a drop of dish soap onto the stain. Rub the soap into the stain.
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4. Allow the soap to set into the fabric for 10-15 minutes.Pat clean with a dry towel.

And you will be ready to enjoy your gorgeous outfit again. What are your makeup stain stories? . are the places to buy original makeup in Nairobi.

How To Remove Makeup Stains From Your Favorite Clothes In 10 Minutes

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