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How to Rock Tucked-in Outfits

Are you confused about when to tuck and when not to tuck? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. When wearing jeans and dress shirts, you need to be careful about when to tuck and when not to talk. Usually, dress shirts are left untucked. However, you have to make sure the length of your dress shirt is appropriate and does not make you look like you’re wearing a dress, which of course is certainly not the sharp look you’re trying to pull off.



When You Should  Tuck


Depending on what look you’re trying to pull off, you may decide to tuck your shirts or leave them untucked. However, if you’re wearing a dark blazer or jacket, it is alright to tuck in your shirt. With lighter and more informal jackets especially those in beige tones or fun patterns, leaving your light dress shirt untucked will look effortless and casual, especially with white underneath khakis and longer jackets straighten down rather than fitted. You can pull off a sharp look by letting your jeans and open collar do the talking.

If you plan on using a belt, then tucking your shirts is necessary to put more focus on your classy belt. You may also decide to leave out a tie and keep your collar un.ed. To achieve a more casual look, you can choose to cuff your jeans at the ankle and wear more formal loafers and casual footwear. Keep in mind that pulling off a casual look requires that you SKIP THE TIE.


Recommended Dress Shirts

If you’re wearing a baggy sweater with a dress shirt underneath, tuck in your shirt. I repeat, TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT. Having a dress shirt peeking under the sweater looks great at the cuffs, but at the waistline, it just looks wack.


When You Should Leave Untucked

The benefit of jeans is that you are not expected to follow the same rules that apply to dress shirts. You can always decide to leave your shirts untucked when wearing jeans. However, you must make sure your shirt is of the right length. So how do you know it is? Simple. When standing straight, it is expected that your untucked shirt always comes down mid pelvis at the shortest length and barely hits the bottom of your pelvis region at the longest length. Otherwise, leaving your shirt untucked will look like you’re wearing a dress. With clothes as simple as long, fitted jeans in a dark wash paired with beige loafers, ankle boots or Khaki, and a plain white dress shirt with sleeves cuffed at the elbow, you can achieve a great look.


What about a half tuck?

An interesting option indeed. It is a great way to gain some advantage on the length of some shirts which are a bit longer than they should be. The half tuck lets the back of your shirt come down to the bottom of your butt without giving you a sloppy look. If you’re interested in considering this option, a good way to pull it off is with looser, lighter jeans, neutral coloured stripped shirts, a half tuck and a belt.




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