How to Show Off Your Long Legs


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If you have ever wondered why the sight of your gazelle-like gams inspires awe-struck gazes, science has you covered: apparently, both men and women find people with a short torso, long legs more attractive, as much like ample hips and full breasts, long legs are a symbol of good health. And, let’s face it, aesthetically speaking, they sure look smoking hot in anything you wear.

But how can you show off your slender figure with the right outfits? No matter your style, there are several clothing items you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe that will do your short torso, long legs justice and emphasize your lovely pins!

1. Think Mini Thoughts

short torso, long legs

Playfully short is always a good idea when you mix a skirt or a dress with your leggy charisma. Tight, flowy, flared, or uneven and asymmetrical, you can take your pick because depending on your figure, you can easily find a summer dress that will accentuate your short torso, long legs.

A-line dresses with a high waist and paired with a fun belt will give you just the right amount of leg-exposure paired with effortless elegance. On the other hand, simple, form-fitting mini dresses can work wonders for a cocktail evening, while using fringes like this Bottega Venetta beauty to add texture and a sense of an optical illusion will look wonderful in many colors for summer.

2. Head Over Heels

short torso, long legs

Yes, with heels! Many short torso, long legs ladies will not feel too confident putting on a pair of pumps simply because they are likely tall as well, and adding extra height isn’t a style priority at this point. However, you shouldn’t avoid it altogether, since they will bring out your form, and you will bring out that leggy appeal of yours, especially if you combine the right colors.

Then again, simple flats, intricate gladiator-styled sandals that go all the way to your knees, as well as lovely ankle boots can also complement your outfit without making you feel uncomfortably tall like in those heels. Knee-high boots also look lovely on leggy gals, especially when you pair them with dresses, or even your basic jeans and tee!

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3. Skinny Jeans and Shorts

short torso, long legs

While we’re on the subject of denim, pencil jeans, skinny jeans, ripped, high-waisted, form-fitting or even oversized, your short torso, long legs will look amazing in them no matter what you do, because denim is the right way to go. If you’d like to avoid adding extra length to your legs, then opt for low-waisted jeans, which can also be paired with heels or flats.

On the other hand, wearing versatile shorts means that you will not only be able to enjoy the sun more and show off your wonderful legs without worrying about exposing your undies, but you can also mix and match different styles for different occasions. Anything from lightweight shorts with a high waist that are just slightly oversized to the classic denim shorts that go with everything will be a perfect choice.

4. Beetlejuice patterns

short torso, long legs

Nothing makes a pair of gams look even more alluring than using vertical stripes to bring out their impressive form! Although Beetlejuice had the right idea with the black and white immortal combination for both pants and jacket, there’s no harm in adding a little more color to your patterning.

Plus, short torso, long legs make floral pants, polka-dots, and checkered shorts look fun, so don’t stifle your creative spirit when it comes to finding exciting new patterns. Keep in mind, horizontal lines will shave off a few inches off your leggy-self, so if that’s your goal, go right ahead, otherwise stick to vertical lines, thin and thick alike!

5. Leggings and Tights, . I Come!

short torso, long legs

A perfect choice for those who have yet to express the confidence to wear only the mini dresses, you can put on a pair of tights to feel more comfortable. But, they also look delicious even when worn with a regular t-shirt, a flowy tunic or an oversized crisp white shirt for those long summer days.

Short Torso, Long legs – The Takeaway!

Leggings, yoga pants, call them what you will, when you find the right model, you won’t be able to take them off. They are the epitome of comfort, style, and ease of matching. You’ll want at least a few pairs in your closet to always have the perfect Cat-woman-worthy leggings to flaunt your gams!

So, if you have a short torso, long legs, it’s time to show off those long legs gal!


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