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How To Slide Into His DM And Win His Heart FS News

If you are like me who is active on the Nigerian social media streets, chances are you are aware that Williams Uchemba, a popular Nigerian actor and comedian who recently got married met his wife on social media.

His revealed to BBC Pidgin that she was the one who slides into his dm and she didn’t even expect him to him respond. The same social media some of us are using to type God when instead of making moves. Today, they are married and peppering us with honeymoon photos while some of us type God when in the comments section??.

Well, I think every single lady should learn how to slide into guys DM’s and start meaningful conversations.


Personally, I see it as being smart, bold and confident.

And I’m not talking about “hello, how are you doing? have you eaten?”. No.

  • Centre the conversations around things he cares about.

For instance, if he’s a Chelsea fan, you could start with how you think Chelsea will not win their next match.

You could talk about his career, business and how he’s managing the coronavirus effect on his business or career.

If you are a helpful person who knows what it means to be caring, you could ask him what he’s working on and how you can support.


Something as little as sharing information that can help his business or career is invaluable if he’s like me.

If you see an article about his industry, copy the URL and send it to him. That’s how to be caring.


But no, some are more interested in urgent 2k ( I don’t why any guy will keep a lady who habitually asks for urgent 2k though).

Relationship aside, it helps build friendships.


Anti, slide into somebody’s son dm today and start a conversation.

You can even start with, hey Unku! I like your big nose, I just sey me I tell you


Then proceed with, meanwhile, what’s your plan for 2021?.

And please, don’t ask about his girlfriend.


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Don’t even ask him about his mom until you are sure he’s starting feeling like a low budget OZO.


Of course, then he will be telling you how his mon went to buy onions and a car almost hit her and he’s so grateful to God and that you should help him thank God.

Next time you are talking, you can ask him if mom was able to still get the onions. And you can send ten bulbs of onions to her and you know what that means.

Let me stop ..


Guys, am I making sense?

Ladies, share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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