How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!


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Knowing how to wash textured hair can be really easy…if you know what you’re doing.

T. are quite a number of hair types out t., each with the best way to wash them. Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, you name it – each hair type has a wash routine that suits it best. But today, we are putting the spotlight on textured hair and how to wash it the right way.

If you’re not sure if you have textured hair or not, that’s easy. Textured hair is basically hair that has various strands that create shapes. These shapes could be curly, coily, wavy, zig zag…the list goes on. Now that we have that settled, .’s how to wash textured hair.

Don’t wash textured hair too often
How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!

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We understand that the build-up struggle is REAL! To avoid having breakouts, dirty scalps and everything that comes with dirty hair, washing is necessary. But the question is how often can you wash textured hair?

Because textured hair has strands that come in various shapes, you will not need to wash them too often. Straight hair has straight strands and a higher tendency for dirt to flow up and down the hair. But textured hair won’t have the same problem. Dirt will take more time to travel down the hair which means you should leave more time in between washes. If you wash too often, your hair will lose more natural oil and end up overworked and dry.

Condition your hair more than you shampoo
How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!

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Your textured hair needs a lot of moisture and conditioning, that’s why you need to co-wash. Co-washing is basically ditching your shampoo, and washing with a conditioner instead. This is great for textured hair but that doesn’t mean shampoos are dead to you now. Constant conditioning can lead to build-up which can stunt hair growth. The solution? Whip out that shampoo once in a while. Using a sulfate-free shampoo will remove build up without harming your strands. It’s a winning combination!

Divide and conquer
How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!

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Textured hair can be a handful…literally. So when it comes to washing, it is advisable to divide your hair into smaller sections so you can really get in t.. These sections will help you access your scalp and give it all the TLC it clearly deserves.

Rub don’t scratch
How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!

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You remember that time you went to the local salon and that hairdresser washed your hair like a pair of jeans. Yeah, that shouldn’t be happening. When it comes to washing your scalp, you need to rub off the dirt in small circular motions with the tip of your fingers. Scratching your scalp is not more effective and will only bruise it. Good luck forcing a bruised scalp to produce healthy hair.

We hope these few points have been able to show you how to wash textured hair. Follow them, and your hair will never remain the same again. We promise. Oh, and if you’re more concerned with how you’re going to get your hair moisturized, we have tips for those too!


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