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How to Wear Anklets and Their Meanings


Anklets have started getting around the continent because of their beauty and purpose. While anklets add to our fashion sense, many wearers often do not understand why they wear them.  An anklet is exclusive to every demographic, culture, or group. Everyone can make use of this accessory in making a fashion statement.

Do you wear ankle bracelets because you are married?


While women wear engagement rings and wedding bands on their fingers, ankle bracelets were once for only used to symbolize marital status. However, this has changed over time because anyone can rock anklets today.

What is the meaning of ankle bracelet on the left ankle?


Rumour has it that when you wear your ankle bracelet on your left ankle, it means that you are in an open relationship.  However, this is not true because millions of people rock their able bracelets on their left and right ankles.

How to wear an Ankle bracelet


How do you wear your ankle bracelet?  Here are what to know about wearing an anklet:

  • You should wear anklet to pool party, summer events and to the beach.
  • You should not wear your ankle bracelets with jingling charm in quiet places.
  • You should never travel with all your anklets for vacation
  • Learn to securely fasten your ankle bracelet.
  • You can go for resizing if your anklet is too small for you.
  • You should rock your anklet underneath rough materials like jeans.
  • You should measure your ankle size before buying.
  • Avoid wearing anklets with pantyhose or tights to prevent them from tearing.
  • You should buy a Pedi and dress up your anklet with a toe ring and cute sandals.

Types of Anklets


We have different anklets with meanings. While some of the anklets are popular, some are rare. Here is a list of the anklets you can consider:

Gold ankle bracelets: You can make use of the gold ankle bracelets that come with gemstones. You can pair them with matching accessories and elegant heels to give you the cute appearance you desire.


Silver anklets: This type of anklet is for a causal appearance. You can use it in creating your outdoor outings for summer days.

Beaded anklets: The beaded anklets can pair with silver anklets. You can show up looking chic with this type of anklet. They are commonly seen and can be used at home.



Barefoot ankle bracelets: The barefoot ankle bracelets are perfect for replacing your shoes. You can string them to look great on your feet.  These anklets go for a destination weddings, beach parties, or festivals.


Leather anklets: The leather anklets offer you that masculinity to your feminine piece of jewellery. You can use them as unisex anklets, making them popular.

Adjustable ankle bracelets: You will love the way these anklets appear on your feet.  You can use it for many purposes.


These anklets come in different shapes and sizes, with some adorned with gold, diamond or silver.




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