How to Wear Denim on Denim

How to wear Denim on Denim

Before, wearing denim on denim was a fashion faux pas, a total NO! But now, it is the fashionable thing to do. Just like any other fashion item, it also has its rules as to pulling it off so you don’t look a hot mess.

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Quick tips for wearing your denim on denim

  • You can break up the denim on denim look with a simple belt.
  • Wear different washes(shades) of denim for a chic look, you don’t want to look too “matchy-matchy” in the same shades
How to Wear Denim on Denim

Mide Martins

You can tuck your denim shirt in your denim bottoms for an effortless look

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You can also do different colors of denim to give it that “I am not on double denim” look

denim on denim0-amilionstyles

For something different, you can layer up your denim. By this I mean you can wear a denim shirt under a denim jacket, as opposed to the usual denim on top and bottom look

denim on denim-.

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A pair of heels, blazer can upgrade your outfit

denim on denim3-.

Go simple with the accessories, avoid doing denim accessories when you have on a denim top and bottom

How to Wear Denim on Denim

Ebube Nwagbo

Wear the look in a way that would flatter your shape. Lighter denim draws attention to body parts while darker denim creates a slimming effect.

How to Wear Denim on Denim

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry

You can also double up denim wearing a denim skirt or shorts, instead of trousers

How to Wear Denim on Denim


. How to Wear Denim on Denim .


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