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How viewers voted for BBNaija’s Braynn, Phyna and Groovy in week three Level Up show

Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up reality television show has reached its week three, into week four, and at the moment, five Housemates have left the show.

Four out of the five Housemates, Christy O, Cyph, Ilebaye and Khalid were evicted, while one Housemate Beauty got disqualified.

The week three voting results which had Bryann, Phyna, Groovy, Khalid and Ilebaye up for possible eviction has been released.


And as the chart shows, Braynn and Phyna received the highest percentage of votes in the week three voting chart.

First, Ilebaye garnered the least vote of 08.51%, followed by Khalid who came second from behind with 10.72% of votes.

Then, one of the three safe Housemates Groovy came third with 19.68% votes from his supporters. That’s to say, Ilebaye, Khalid and Groovy garnered a total of 38.91% all together.

And inarguably, Braynn and Phyna shared the remaining 61.09% of votes among themselves.


This means that Bryann and Phyna came first and second on the voting chart in the week three voting results.

Below is how viewers voted for the Ilebaye, Khalid, Groovy, Phyna and Bryann.

Ilebaye – 08.51%

Khalid – 10.72%


Groovy – 19.68%

Total – 38.91%

Bryann and Phyna – 61.09% {(function(d, s, id) {
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