Husband-To-Be Calls Off Marriage 2 Days To Wedding. See Why


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Husband-To-Be Cancels Marriage 2 Days To Wedding. See Why

A  husband-to-be has called off his wedding ceremony which was supposed to take place on the 29th of December, 2016.

The aggrieved groom called off the marriage plans after he reportedly caught his bride-to-be having sex with her lover two days before their wedding day.

The groom, Izuchukwu Anthony Ekweanua, whose wedding was to hold in Nnewi, Anambra State, called it off after his shocking discovery that his bride was having sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend.

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His bride, Uchechukwu Frances Obi, was reported to have been caught sleeping with her ex-boyfriend warranting her husband-to-be calling off the wedding.

Ekweanua announced the cancellation of the wedding on his . wall.


He stated that he had to take the decision to call off both the traditional and white wedding ceremony because Frances (his bride-to-be) was caught red-handed with another man two days to their wedding.

Husband-To-Be Cancels Marriage Plans Over Bride’s Infidelity

To the utter shock of his friends, Ekweanua called off the wedding with an open letter to all who had planned to attend the wedding.

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The letter read:


“Due to recent unforeseen circumstances, I have decided at this point not to continue with the proposed marriage ceremony for reasons best known to me.

“Deeply sorry for any inconveniences caused.


“Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Ekweanua Izuchukwu Anthony.”

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Although Ekweanua did not state the reason behind his decision to cancel the marriage, close friends of his say he found out his proposed wife was still seeing another man days before the wedding.


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