I am not planning on getting married now – Davido


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Nigerian music superstar David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly know by Davido, is one of the successful musicians in Nigeria and also the co-owner of HKN Music, which is houses the likes of Sina Rambo, B. Red and DeeKay.

The music sensation, in an interview with the PUNCH, spoke about his career, fatherhood and decision of not getting married to his baby mama, Sophie Momodu or anyone, at the moment.


You won big at the recently-held MTV Africa Music Awards, would you say it was a usual feat?

I would not term it so. I was elated when I won the award. It was really a tough competition and I am grateful to God to have won it for the second time. I hope to win more by God’s grace.

Your second album has yet to be released three years after your debut, why is it taking that long?

An album is a collection of works, which has to be properly put together. I have learnt from my mistakes and I intend to do better with this album.

Are you under pressure to release a sophomore album?

Not at all. Although my fans have requested that I release a second album, I would not say I have been under pressure to do that.

Your album release date has been postponed about three times within a short period; why are you yet to make up your mind on the release date?

I postponed the release date because of my crowded to-do list. Some of my international collaborations needed more time in order to get a good job done. Also, I was busy with school and family as well; remember I have a daughter now.

Did you postpone the release date till September to coincide with the release date of Wizkid’s third album?

I am not going to let anyone speed up or slow down my process. I know only about my album and no one else’s. It is not being released to coincide with anyone’s album release.

It was rumoured that you postponed the release date to feature American rapper, Future, because you put up a picture of both you partying, on social media. Do you have any plans of doing collaboration with him?

I have plans of collaborating with Future, but it has nothing to do with my album release date.

You featured Meek Mill and Trey Songz in your album, did you do that to join the wagon of other Nigerian artistes that have featured foreign acts?

I featured them because I like their kind of music and I think they are great artistes too.

It seemed you clung to May D earlier because of his affiliation with the music duo, PSquare, and your friendship with him hit the rocks after he left Square Records…

That is not true. May D is my friend, with or without PSquare or Square Records. Those talks about our friendship hitting the rocks are not true. We are cool and will always be friends.

Your recent ‘jeweller aint shit’ posts on Instagram and the spite on up-and-coming artistes raised some concerns among your fans. Don’t you think you could have made more enemies than friends?

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My friends will always remain my friends, regardless of what I do or say on social media. I do not intend to make any enemies.

How much is your HKN-branded chain worth?

It is worth 60,000 USD.

You recently posted a comment about going around with diamond testers to fish out artistes who wear fake jewellery. Have you started it yet?

No, I have no plans of doing that. It was just a joke.

Your display of diamonds and jewellery on social media portrays you as someone who has embraced a showy and wasteful lifestyle…

It is not about me. The display is about what we do and the business we are into. It is called showbiz and it comes with the territory.

Your followers on Instagram have accused you of not being able to share the promised N1m to your fans, when you hit 1m followers on Instagram. Why have you not been able to fulfil the pledge?

I have done that, but in another way. I used the N1m to support a young Nigerian student who could not afford his school fees.

Your social media post on your recent visit to the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, was tagged “discussing youth initiatives.” Are you considering politics?

It was nice meeting the Vice President recently. As for my interest in politics, only time will tell about that.

You have showered gifts on your daughter ever since her arrival, how do you feel being a daddy?

It feels great.

Now that you have a daughter, are you considering getting married sometime soon?

Not at all; I am not considering getting married now.

Do you intend to marry your baby mama; or is there someone else you wish to marry?

I am not planning on getting married now.

What other things are you passionate about apart from music?

I have a passion for fashion too.

How would you describe your style and fashion sense?

My style is simple and effortless.


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