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Born, James Olajuwonlo Edahi, Jaywon left his former label, Kennis Music last year to establish his own named Next World Music and since then, he has fared well releasing songs like Back2Sender. His songs, This Year and Madantin has made him an artiste capable of churning hit songs. In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the Kogi-born singer recounts the journey since he left Kenny Ogungbe and how he has been able to survive amidst controversies.

Considering that you left Kennis Music in 2014, How have you fared this year?

It’s been a lot of work and if there is anything I learnt from Kennis Music, it’s trying to do things yourself without waiting for anybody, to always get up and work, I learnt that from Baba Keke , people ask me about Next World Music, which has always been my dream, when I started I knew it’s going to be a tough work, so I don’t have to relax, even though, I have faced a lot of challenges and likewise seen a lot of support from people that really believed in me, people that have seen the tussle and believed in the Moment because right now, it’s all about doing things myself with the team with me now. God has really been the secret, God has been my executive producer and I just have to follow God and my dream.

How was the European tour you just concluded?

The tour was huge and successful, I started the tour from USA, performing at the NEA Award in New York and later I moved to Europe and performed in Spain, Madrid, Malaga, France, in Modina, Italy, Stugart in Germany and a whole lot of performances. It’s was awesome time around the world representing Nigeria and I can tell you Nigeria Music is doing great abroad, Afrobeat particularly and can’t wait to go back next year to do that over again. Big thanks to Almight God and my team Next World Music for making this possible.

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What is your relationship with Kenny Ogungbe?

Mr Kenny Ogungbe, Baba Keke is a father to me, and nobody can deny that and we were still together at Jo-El listening party few weeks ago, I really appreciate him and the whole team of Kennis Music, it’s really been a lot of work for me and where I am right now and I will always be grateful. You know, no matter how the father’s love to child, the child needs to grow up and marry to build a family and expand on his or her own, so it’s a family thing with Kennis music always.

Are you looking forward to still working with them in the future?

Definitely yes, I will be working with Kennis music later in my career, by God’s Grace, I’m working really hard to be able to work perfectly with them again using their platform and releasing albums.

Why did you create Next World Music?

The whole idea for Next world Music is to support Younger people like Kennis music believed and supported people like us. And that has been my dream, trying to see how to help others, Its more of a movement than a record label, it’s a group of young people that really see their everyday with limitless opportunities and people who are ready to support other people to grow, so that what I am part of and it’s been a great Movement so far.

How will you describe your kind of music?

For me, I make my music in a diverse way, for a while now, have been on the highlife- inspirational song, but that’s me, sometimes my mood record inspirational and prayer songs which has really made a lot of impact in the kind of fans I have now. Recently I have been followed by elder people who are exposed to our new contemporary HipHop in Nigeria. So I will say, I have been doing slow inspirational highlife Sound but right now, I’m about to tune my sound and do some party songs which will still pass some messages and still inspire, but I’m doing some new tunes soon.

What about your new single ‘Back To Sender’?

That’s my new song i featured Vector on it, a big shoutout to Clearance peters, he shot the video, I was in America when the video was released by my team in Nigeria and was premiered World-wide on Trace Urban Tv in Paris and thank God the response has been positive and it’s been gaining a lot of attention. I performed the song alongside fuji Artiste, Saheed Osupa at a show few weeks ago and he tried to back me up on the song Back2Sender on stage and the response was very positive. The whole concept behind the video was to celebrate our veteran in the entertainment industry because this people created this platform we are enjoying right now. So in the video we put pictures of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Osadebe and all of our old timers and they are still doing well in what they do now. And we have Obesere in the video, Pasuma, Yomi Fash Lanso and a whole lot of Indigenous celebrities.

Have you ever considered taking up acting since you do that often in your videos?

Yes, I have been getting some scripts, but I have been quitie busy recording and doing tours abroad now .

Will you consider any record label in Nigeria who want to sign you?

Yes, but if any label want to sign me, it has to be in partnership with my movement, Next Word Music and we very open to work with any label that wish to affiliate with us. I can’t forgo the movement for anything.

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Why do you also do Indigenous genre of music?

I believe the native music is deep, it is not like every other contemporary song you can just get into the studio and record. It requires a whole lot of deep writings and rhyme which you can get lost into it if not careful. So for me, Putting God first in anything you do, will bring nothing but success and greatness to you.

Who do you see as your contemporary now?

I don’t see anyone, I don’t have issues with anyone, I just want to be Me, One of the greatest record released last year was ‘This Year’ by Jaywon and still putting out more records and complying my album, so I am grateful and I don’t have to see anybody as a competition or anything, we have artiste like, Sean Tizzle, Dammy Krane a lot of them trying to copy the same song like This Year but they just tried, but for me I love doing what will make my people proud and I will keep dishing out evergreens songs by God’s Grace. So we are cool.

What inspired your kind of Music ?

The things around me, the things I see everyday, experience people share with me and personal things that happen to me, but most times I don’t have to go far before I get a record out because I am always with my people, My mum, Friends, Family and it’s been very awesome since I left Kennis Music. If I say ‘Oriburuku (Misfortune) Back2Sender, who would not want to say that Back2Sender or I say Ayiniselowo (Discontent) Back2Sender, who would not want to say that, so it’s everyday song for my people and it’s a real starter song for the highly spiritual people.


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