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I Fought With My Husband On Our Wedding DayZUMI


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Now I think about that day, I probably just poured all my emotional stress on my poor husband! haha! Or not! I can laugh now, thank God, but that day it was’t funny at all. Wedding stories in my opinion should serve as learning slates for every one, because when you look back, there’s always something you realize you might have done better.

It was my traditional wedding day and I was having an amazing day. All through the wedding preparations, I was so calm and collected that at some point I was even afraid, but after a while I just told myself to enjoy the feeling. My traditional wedding was on a Friday and my white wedding was the next day – Saturday.

Wedding Stories: My In-Laws Stole The Money That Was Sprayed On Me

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During the traditional wedding, I was noticing some weird movement with the money and my husband’s people but I was too calm to be bothered. Nothing was going to steal my joy and cool… It was time for me to dance and I so danced! My sister supposedly picked all the money sprayed on me, until we were ready to go home and she came to whisper that my in-laws took all the money from her.

wedding stories

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I didn’t react, I just told my husband and he went in and did some talking. Came out and said it was handled. I have no idea why I didn’t ask why, until the exact thing happened at the white wedding… And this time all my emotions came flooding! I was yelling not even minding the guests. My husband took me aside to talk, then made it worse by telling me how he ‘handled it’ the day before.

Hear ye, hear ye! He handled it by telling them to take the money if they want, including the money sprayed on the white wedding day! I honestly just removed my shoe and threw it at him! Then I was calm again and refused to come out of the room till I saw all my money.

wedding stories

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I saw the money… maybe not all, but some. Although I haven’t stopped apologizing till today, I’m glad I took a stance, and I realize I could have handled it better.

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