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“I Jokingly Told Her I Was Broke”- Alexx Ekubo Gives Out Money Sent To Him By Linda Osifo; Gives Reasons – Fashionstyle Nigeria


Alexx Ekubo, a Nigerian actor and model was left astonished after his colleague, actress Linda Osifo surprised him with a credit alert of 100,000 Naira.Alexx Ekubo

Alexx Ekubo
Alexx EkuboAlexx Ekubo

Expressing gratitude to Linda Osifo for her kind gesture, Alexx explained that he only jokingly told the actress that he was broke, only to receive a credit alert the following day from her.

Alexx, who then stated that he now holds the actress in high regard iterated that he was deeply touched for many reasons.Linda Osifo gives money

Linda Osifo gives money
Linda Osifo gives moneyLinda Osifo gives money

Considering the fact it was a joke, the actor decided to give out the money as he took to his Instagram page to update his followers.


Alexx wrote:

“So I ran into @lindaosifo at an event last night, she asked how I was & I said I was broke, & she laughed & said sent me your account deets, I jokingly did & boom today she sent this. I’m deeply touched for many reasons.


“She really didn’t have too,I Love you soo much Linda, & for this & more, I gat you for life.

“Pls I want to give this to someone who really needs it, pls comment your account number the 100k is all.”

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