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I’ve been reading your wedding stories and have found them interesting and funny, but I know mine will be the funniest you’ve ever read. You know why? Because I spent my whole wedding day praying.

I prayed in tongues throughout my wedding and I held my husband’s hand tightly. He was just wondering “what’s wrong with this one?” but I knew what I was doing.

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I know many people are woke and don’t believe in jazz, but I believe in it because I’ve seen it in action. According to Nigerian standards, I got married late. I was already 32 and my mother was making my life miserable with her “when will you marry?” questions.

So when I eventually found the one and decided to marry him, everybody was happy. His family loved me and mine loved him (or maybe they were just happy to get rid of me.) I thought we were in heaven.

wedding stories

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However, a few weeks before the wedding all hell broke loose. My sister and her husband were thrown out of their house and my mum fell ill. I started to feel harassed and oppressed. I just knew it was jazz at work, nobody can tell me otherwise. Only God held my family together throughout that period.

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wedding stories

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So when the wedding day came and I saw all the people gat.d, I just knew I had to pray because not all of them meant well. All you people that have big weddings, I’m sorry for you. You’re calling all the witches and wizards from your village to come and eat your jollof, good luck to you o!

Me, I held my husband and fired prayer throughout and everything went well. We have to live happily ever after! I cannot even shout!


wedding stories

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Sadly, not all wedding stories have happy endings, like this one w. the thieves did too much. If you enjoyed this story and would like to participate in our wedding stories series, please send your story to [email protected]




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