I Will Be The Best Queen In Nigeria – Okwunodu


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Miss Judith Ngozi Okwunodu is from Delta state and the newly crowned queen of Ambassador for Peace agency. In this interview ,she speaks on her way through victory and sundry issues.

What inspired you to contest for the Miss Ambassador for Peace pageant?

Talking about what inspired me into contesting for the Miss Ambassador for Peace beauty pageant 2015, I think is something I have always dreamt of being an ambassador and this is a great platform of doing it.


What were the challenges you encountered especially during the camping?

The challenges were not just during the camping the audition, ticketing and also during the camping you ought to do lots of rehearsals, exercises that actually you haven’t thought of doing before. And staying with the people you don’t really know at all. You just have to cope with the situation and be peaceful.


Prior to contesting for this pageant, what were you into?

I’m a student and face of association of accounting students, also face of faculty of management science at the university of Abuja.


You were 30 in number who contested for the position you finally won. When the numbers were cut down to eight, did it ever cross your mind that you would win?

I wasn’t really actually anticipating winning because I was looking at the fun part just to have the experience as my first national pageant. But in when in the camp some friends would say just keep it up they may even announce you as the winner. But during the top 15, trust me my heart was pumping as if trying to explode. The peak of my heart was already in my hands. Truly and favoured, I was among the top eight. And it was not fun then because top eight is even tighter. But as God may have it…I’m here today.


When you were eventually announced as the winner, what really came to your mind?

Hmmmm….tears of joy, very hot tears rolled down my cheek, couldn’t believe it…I looked around to know if it was Miss Delta. This is me for really and I was super happy and I felt the joy from the bottom of my stomach.


Now that you have been crowned the face of Ambassador agency. What would be your first point of action to continuing fostering the image and brand that you represents?

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As the miss ambassador for peace 2015/2016, there are lots of obligations and responsibilities that are on me right now. For a start, my country Nigeria and state with a peace education campaign, award scholarships and go into agriculture.


The agency you represents is known for its propagation of peace. What other projects would you bring in to touch the lives of those in the grassroots?

It depends on what we understand by peace. The word peace represents freedom and tranquillity. And that word peace is not just you being peaceful. When the country is peaceful, there is security, when the youths are empowered, the country is peaceful, when the aged are empowered, the country is also peaceful, and when all hands are on deck, the country is peaceful. And I will make sure during my reign, I will make sure that there’s harmony, and just not just being peaceful but something to testify. I will focus on Agriculture which is the origin of Nigeria foreign exchange. Nigeria is not just known for its oil and gas , but for its agricultural inputs. We are going to partner with the other world to also bring in the expertise for Nigeria to become a better place for all of us.


Though the event has come and gone, were there any negative reactions as to your emergence as the queen?

No! As for negative thought, you can’t go through their minds. And as for people going behind your back, it actually means they are scared to speak in your presence. For the peace agency, they did their selection. The way men sees a beauty queen is different from the way peace agency sees a beauty queen. It’s not about you being beautiful, it’s about you being peaceful, your character. From the day you come into camp for a week, they access you through the audition. The online voting, through your camping. You can pretend for a week but you can’t hide your character. I know the agency have l made the right choice and there are no negative reactions.


This is one of the burning issues in the pageantry industry today about complaints of being molested by some organisers especially in Abuja. Did you experience such during your participation in the contest?

(laugh)…capital letter NO! As a matter of fact, my ceo told us emphatically that he don’t do women nor pimp. And I have come to see that he has a lovely wife. He said he wants to bring out the best in us and others who would be opportune to be with the agency. And he would make you that great woman, that ambitious woman you would like to be. There is nothing like the agency giving a man to sleep with or molesting you…no….its just for Peace.


What are the reactions of your parents when you said you are going into this contest. And how would you cope with studies and also working as the face of the Agency?

When I told them, my mum said well you have always said you have passion for being a beauty queen and you want everyone to know you. She said she wish me well. And they wished me a success and it tuned out so. And combing my education with The peace agency. Like I said earlier, peace agency is not like any other pageant, you have time for yourself, for your studies and for the agency. It all depends on your focus and your target in life. As for me, I’m a goal getter. I don’t settle for less. I’m going to be the best queen Peace agency ever had.


What other encouragement would you give to young ladies who crave to be in your position today?

First of all to my fellow contestants…there is something we learnt in camp…everybody can just be a winner at a go…but there must be a winner and looser. we all are queens. It doesn’t matter if you have the crown on your head, what matters is your heart, character, charisma. And to my fellow contestants out there I love you all, we are all queens and winners. And to the youths, believe in dreams, it comes through. Like yesterday a lady to me that I didn’t informed her that in was contesting for the pageant that she would take part in the next edition and I was moved by her wanting to be in my position. I want to encourage everyone that when you put your best, you don’t regret it. Everyone out there your best is in you. You have to just say focused. My reign is going to be the best. Any other record they had, I will clear it off. No one can beat that.



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