Ideas For Wedding Venues That Will Make Your Wedding Fun


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A wedding venue could be many things, but for most Nigerian weddings, it’s a place for the reception. Wedding venues that will key into what you want your wedding to feel like, is the first step to a fun wedding.

Here are some fun wedding venue both outdoors and indoors to inspire you:

For outdoor weddings

This venue always has such a romantic feel to it. You can also be very laid back at your reception because you’re at the beach anyway. It’s definitely a great outdoor wedding idea.

wedding venues

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For the couple that has always dreamed of an evening wedding that’s also a mini turn-up, this location is perfect for you. It gives your ceremony a luxurious feel as rooftop venues don’t come cheap. With the right crowd, you’ll have so much fun…and the view will be amazing.

wedding venues

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This trend has come to stay. If you’re looking for a relaxed wedding, this is probably the best for you. It’ll give you a beautiful, earthy scenery that your guests will love.

wedding venue ideas

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Although this might count as outdoor for some, it can count for an indoor wedding for people with roofed backyards or huge garages. This works for a small intimate wedding also.

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wedding venues

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For indoor weddings

You can have an agreement with the restaurant and kill 2 birds with one stone. Having your wedding reception in a restaurant gives you a fun, memorable but intimate wedding feel and food, seating and the ambience are already catered for.

wedding venues

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This is the norm and so you’re likely to get more professional help with the decorations. Don’t forget to infuse your personal taste into the hall.

wedding venues

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Do you plan to have a Valentine themed wedding? These tips will help you create a memorable un-cliché wedding.

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