If a woman ever tells you these 4 things, she desperately wants to do IT (With PICTURES)


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Women are known to be cunning and mischievous. They are good at pulling off schemes that will be to their advantage while you will be left wondering what-in-God’s-name just happened.

As much as we can find different adjectives to qualify women and the many twists they add to our lives, we also have to acknowledge the fact that they are interesting people that add spices to our lives.

By default, they are wired to be coy; it may be difficult for a woman to come out openly and tell the world first hand what she feels like doing especially if it the plan has bawdy contents. The society has made it so and women are starting not to conform with the rules anymore.

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The society is being hypocritical about certain things that concern women. They are human beings with blood coursing through their veins. It is only normal for them to crave for their needs to be met s exually, emotionally, physically and financially. Do not blame them for wanting all of that and even pleading for more. Homo sapiens is insatiable.

In view of all these, the society is sentimental about issues that have to do with women and their se xual urges. This is basically because they are not interested in building a generation of wanton women. Ladies in turn have their own ways; there are tricks they use in getting what they want without necessarily speaking. When it happens at last, they will blame it on the flesh.

Find below some of the things women will say to you when they desperately want to do “I T”:

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