If He Does These 5 Things, You Are a Side Chic!


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Because we love you, we decided to give a few tips to help you know if you are a side chick:

1. He refuses to take pictures with you.

If he always finds an excuse not to take pictures with you or makes silly excuses such as ‘baby you know I’m allergic to the flash’  you’re probably the side chic.

2. He refuses to be seen in public with you.

If he’s always asking to come over to yours to ‘chill’ and refuses to take you out on dates or go anywhere with you, you just might be filling an extra spot in his life. Don’t listen to any of his excuses about ‘quality time’.

3. He insists that you don’t post anything about your relationship on social media.

If he quarrels with you for mentioning him on twitter or tagging him on ., then you should be worried. He will probably make the excuse of wanting to keep your relationship low-key, but that’s just so his real girlfriend does not find out about you.

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4. He never picks his calls in front of you.

If he is always ignoring his phone or hiding in the bathroom to receive calls  and claims that it’s ‘private business’, he’s probably reporting to the real madam.

5. He is always absent on holidays.

If he is always away ‘working’ on holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s day and all major public holidays, chances are, he’s spending it somewhere else.

Every woman deserves to be treated like a Queen, so if you find out that you’re just a side piece, you should probably end things.

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