If Successful Women Don’t Do THESE 24 Things, They Will Never Find Love


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Here are 24 things the successful woman MUST BE ABLE TO DO in order to find love without settling:

– Know her value and that she’s worthy of great love.
– Refuse to compromise who she is while compromising with her partner.
– Love her life and live in her vision with or without a partner.
– Love herself to the core.
– Understand that there’s power in her femininity, and know when to use her masculinity.
– Dance with failure, since that’s where all her lessons are learned.
– Be able to let go of her past and walk through fear.
– Forgive herself and those who never asked to be forgiven.
– Know how to have fun.
– Expect to be taken seriously, without taking herself too seriously.
– Communicate her needs.
– Understand that there is no perfect man.
– Know there’s a perfect man for her.
– See that there’s no value in judging others.
– Set healthy boundaries.
– Listen to her intuition.
– Refuse to be defined by things or titles.
– Never define a man by his things or titles.
– Handle herself with grace.
– Know that it’s ok if at times she’s a total mess.
– Listen to her body.
– Give herself permission to be vulnerable.
– Be compassionate with others, but most importantly with herself.
– Choose love.

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It’s time to cut through the B.S. and get real about love. You are successful, goal-oriented, and self-motivated, but you are building a life for one.

All of this is so much more fulfilling when you find real love and someone to share your success and build your life with.

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You get to choose who you are today. You get to choose how you show up.

You get to choose to be the successful woman who doesn’t settle for anything less than she desires

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