If You Have Problems With The Menstrual Cycle Don’t Neglect It!


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Many women most often because of shame, misfire their problems with menstruation to their gynecologist but, this you should not hush up.

1.Abundant menstruation Each organism is different so, the menstruation is also different. The intensity of bleeding is the thing you should pay most of the attention. If during the cycle you often change your pad, or the pad is filled within an hour or you use at least 10 tampons daily then, you have profuse bleeding and you have to visit your gynecologist.

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2.Long- term or short menstruation The lasting of the cycle varies from woman to woman. The gynecologists advise that you should visit them if you are bleeding more than 7 days or shorter than 2 days. In that case you have menstruation long or short and you should figure why this is happening.

3.Clot During the cycle it comes to peeling of the mucous membrane of the uterus and therefore you cannot spot small clots, especially in the period when you bleed most. But, if the clots are large and appear daily during one cycle then, you should immediately visit your gynecologist. 

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