If You Look Older When You Wear Makeup, Stop These Bits…


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Does wearing makeup age you? If that’s in the affirmative then you need to get schooled.

Makeup should highlight your features not drown them, not make you age much more than you are and definitely not make you look like a clown! You should look ‘airbrushed’, picture perfect and just stunning no matter what look you’re going with, get the picture?



Think perfect coverage, well blended eyeshadows, perfectly drawn brows and neatened to gently frame your face, lashes brushed tidy and swept out to open up your eyes, contour and highlight should work perfect for your face shape and of course a flattering lip colour or gloss for a kissable pout. If all those don’t resonate with you, then you’re definitely doing something wrong!

Not blending your foundation


Applying foundation should definitely comes with blending, seamless! After you cop a foundation in your skintone snag a tool that works best for application; a brush or beauty blender is best. A damp beauty blender is the perfect applicator, gently dab to get products into the skin and blend so well it sits perfectly on the skin.

You’re using dark eyebrow pencils

We are sure you don’t use black because we’d be judging you! Opt for eyebrow pencils in a shade of two lighter than your natural brow and gently fill in sparse areas with light feathery strokes. They have to look as natural as possible. Say no to boxy brows girlies.

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Check your concealer

Are you wearing your concealer right? Opt for the ‘V’ way of using concealers to cover dark circles under the eyes and blend by gently dabbing on it.

Black eyeliner make your eyes pop

Use a black eyeliner in the waterline to instantly open up the eyes not more, don’t go crazy on that (pleaseeee).

You don’t wear mascara on lower lashes

If you’ve missed out on that fierce lower lashes game then catch up! Don’t wear mascara on only the upper lashes if you do just that then you will draw attention to your dark circles or droopy eyes. So wiggle the lower lashes to fire them up a little to get the ‘alive’ look after lifting and brushing them out.



Match your lip liner to the colour of your lips and not that of your lipstick, this gives you a very natural lip outline that’s always flattering. Would you be trying out these tips now that you know what you’ve been doing wrong?

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If You Look Older When You Wear Makeup, Stop These Bits…

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