If You Wear Makeup Everyday, Don’t Forget To Do These Things


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if you rock your makeup everyday (we see you 9-5 champs) then you better get in .. You can thank us later.

Wearing makeup everyday means one thing, there’s a higher chance of your pores getting clogged and skin more prone to blemishes but then we don’t want that! We sure want to eat our beauty cake and have it too so why can’t a lady beat her face and have flawless skin at the same time? Thankfully we can!

Wearing a fully done face everyday without properly taking off the products cause the skin to appear dull, breakouts/acne and so on meaning attention has to be paid to it.

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How do you cater to the skin if you can’t do without your daily ‘game face’? We’ve got you covered.

Cleansing skin deep

Deep cleansing the skin is a sure way to keep it blemish free. After wiping your face at night, use a deep cleaning astringent to totally get rid of those bits soap and wash can’t reach. Your skin instantly feels renewed and clean! This keeps your skin taut and pores closed. Never skip this step if you beat your face everyday!


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A clean face is a blemished free one (Hello Giggles)

Exfoliate and exfoliate some more

We can’t stress how important it is to remove dead skin to reveal new and baby soft ones. Exfoliating often gets the skin brighter and healthier. You don’t want to clog the skin with dead ones and it’s extremely important to exfoliate if you can’t do without your daily beat.


Facials are not luxury they are in fact a way to care for the skin and they should be done periodically. Make sure to get your facials done by professionals who will make sure the right products et al that suit your skin type is what would be used.

Products with sun protection

Don’t forget to look out for products with sun protection, you want to make sure your game face is on and at the same time you won’t get burned by the sun. From moisturizers down to foundation choose those with SPF.

For days when you can or free let the skin breathe and go makeup free, making sure the skin is cleansed and hydrated/moisturized, your skin will thank you for it!

When you try these, don’t forget to share results.

If You Wear Makeup Everyday, Don’t Forget To Do These Things

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