Ignorance Is Not Bliss: 5 Dangers Of Butt Enhancement (PICTURED)


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There are basic points that should be noted especially in this day and age of plastic surgery craze.

Ladies are generally deceived into believing they need one form of enhancement or the other to stay relevant and be accepted.

Others are misled into enhancing various parts in the belief that it will help their careers in the entertainment industry. There are a lot of celebrities who have had to rely on plastic surgery to boost their looks. And this trend is not limited to Hollywood or Europe these days as Africans are fast embracing the trend.

In black top and red skirt is Kelly Mayhew, 34, who passed in June after an unsuccessful butt enhancement procedure. She was injected with silicone by an unlicensed woman who fled the scene after Kelly started having breathing troubles. The friend who connected her and the ‘surgeon’ was also unreachable at the time of the incident according to New York Daily news.

Many women have had to pay with their lives having fallen victim to persons posing as doctors, who inject them with harmful substances and prescribe fake enhancement products. Others have been lucky to escape with their lives not without some form of physical impairment or deformity.

Whatever the case, whether enhancements through fat transfer from one part of the body to the butt or through the use of silicon butt implants, the dangers are real and ladies looking to enjoy this form of illusory beauty must bear in mind the following dangers:

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1. Implant rupture: In the process of enhancing buttocks using implants, the patients could suffer from several other unforeseen circumstances. In cases of this sort, patients are subjected to extra surgical procedures in a bid to correct the ruptured implants so that the buttocks can appear normal again.

2. Numbness and severe pains: Patients often suffer from post-operation numbness also known as parasthesia. Butt enhancement patients may suffer from complications as a result of numbness leading to the growth of tumor. This condition is known as neuroma.

3. Swelling, bruising and severe bleeding: Women are liable to suffer from swelling, bruises on parts operated upon as well as excess loss of blood depending on the procedures of the operation and the surgeon’s expertise. But all of these are unavoidable in the butt enhancement procedure.

4. Infection: Several viruses and bacteria can occupy the body as a result of undue exposures of the body in the surgical process.

5. More surgery: Complications may lead to (more) corrective surgery in future.

Women are better off accepting their bodies the way and shape in which they come as nothing beats staying natural.

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