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How To Style Jackets As Great As A Lifestyle Vlogger!

Knowing how to style jackets should be a vital part of your style. They are a great fashion statement and can dress down or dress up any look.

But the problem is, most people have no clue how to style jackets. Loads of people believe that any jacket can go with anything, but that’s not the case. When styling your look, you need to consider the style, print, colour and style.

To give you more insight into how to style this wardrobe fave .’s lifestyle vlogger Ijeoma Kola. Ijeoma films natural hair videos and always shows off her unique lifestyle on social media. But whenever she does that, it’s usually in a stylish jacket.

Check her out;

Wear it over a short dress

Jackets are a are a great way to ‘classy up‘ an outfit. If you’re wearing a short dress, pairing it with a jacket makes the outfit appear classier. If you’re looking to show less skin, try pairing this with ankle boots or pumps and socks. We love how Ijeoma shows this .. Very chic!

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Turn it into a dress

If you’re stuck on what to pair your jacket with, how about nothing. We love how Ijeoma rocked her jacket as a dress and added some heels to finish the look. For something a little extra, try wearing the jacket over a long sleeve top like Ijeoma’s leopard print top.

Switch up the inserts

If you want something a bit more feminine and laid back, then go with this look instead. Ijeoma switched up the leopard print top for a white off-shoulder top paired with white sneakers. We love how comfortable this look is and it can work on a number of occasions.

Wear it in a set

We love what Ijeoma did .. If you’re really not good at pairing looks, then rocking a set is your best bet. Get a jacket and shorts/a skirt in the same print and pair them with a common colour. ., Ijeoma took a monochrome print set and wore that with a white off-shoulder top and flats. We especially love the pop of colour she added with her shoes.

Just drape it

A look we’ve been loving lately is the draped look. Instead of wearing your jacket all the way, drape it over your shoulders. This look is uber chic and gives your look a total revamp. A great way to do this is to ensure the jacket comes in a popping colour, but basic works too!

Well, that’s it. We hope you learned something and are ready to slay because we have some outfit ideas for you. Share your jacket tips with us – we’d love to hear them!





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