‘I’m Richer Than Trump’ – Kanye West Denies Being Paid By Republicans To Distract US Elections


Kanye West has set the record straight about claims he has been paid by the Republican Party to be a distraction during the US presidential election race.

The Gold Digger rapper announced he would run for President in July, going up against President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the elections this November.

However, the genuineness of Kanye’s bid was shrouded in doubt after reports that figures with ties to the Republican Party have been helping his campaign.

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Kanye, 43, has now addressed the rumours in an interview with Wild N’ Out host Nick Cannon.

During their chat which will air in full on Tuesday, Nick said: ‘They called both of us c**ns, they called us crazy, they called us all of these names. I saw someone I love dearly – Stephanie Mills said you and I are paid slaves and .ing with our toys, and we need to take our toys and go back home.’

Kanye then replied: ‘My last name’s a slave name. W.’s home exactly, Stephanie?

‘People keep on saying, “I think that y’all and Republicans are in cahoots”…’

When Nick interjected: ‘They saying that they paying you to do what you’re doing to be a distraction,’ Kanye hit back: ‘Ain’t nobody paying me. I got more money than Trump.’

Nick continued: ‘But people are saying you’re a distraction and you don’t want four more years of Trump. You want an alternative, four more years of Ye. Is that realistic now in 2020?’

In true Kanye humour, the rapper joked: ‘I’m not running for President… I’m walking.’

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Just last week, Kanye boasted of his healthy net worth and claimed to be approaching a $5 billion (£3.8 billion) fortune.

It’s no surprise that Kanye chose Nick’s platform for his latest interview after the TV mogul stated he would vote for the rapper in the upcoming elections.

Nick told TMZ earlier this month: ‘We need another Black man in [office].’

Addressing Kanye’s chances against Trump and Biden, he then quipped: ‘You never know man, stranger things have happened in 2020.’

Kanye’s presidential campaign has been nothing short of controversial so far.

Last month, the rapper held his first campaign rally in South Carolina w. he delivered an emotional speech and revealed that he and wife, Kim Kardashian, considered aborting their first child North.

The Jesus Walks rapper then embarked on a series of Twitter rants claiming he had been trying to divorce Kim for two years.

In early August, Kanye was kicked off the ballot in Illinois due to having almost 2,000 invalid signatures.

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