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I’m the 16th child in my family – Deji reveals, as he expresses shock at Diana’s age


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star, Deji has revealed that he’s the 16th child in his family.

Deji made this known during conversation with his fellow Level 1 Housemate, Diana who was sitting close to him at the Biggie’s dinning.

Diana had earlier asked Deji whether he was born in the United States or Nigeria. He said his birth place is Nigeria, adding that he moved to the United States in 2019.


Diana went ahead to ask about Deji’s family, as he reveled to her that he was born in a polygamous family, making him the overall 16th child in his family.

Diana asked, “Were you born in the US or Nigeria?” Deji answered, “I was born in Nigeria”. Diana continued, “When did you move to the US?” Deji replied, “I moved 2019”. Diana said, “Oh recently”.


Deji continued, “Yeah recently, I’ve being in Lagos most of my life. But before Lagos, I’ve lived in Northern States in Nigeria.

“I was born in Katsina, lived in Sokoto. So many States, but then, I’ve lived most of my life in Lagos”.


Deji asked, “Have you being to Lagos, have you like lived in Lagos?” Diana replied, “Some months. Like a couple of months”. Deji asked, “So, do you plan to like, would you like to live in Lagos?” Diana answered, “Yes, after the show I’ll moved and stay in Lagos. I was supposed to stay in Lagos when I came for the show, but the stress was too much. So, I stayed in Abuja for two weeks and never came back”.

Diana asked, “You have your family .? (Referring to Lagos). Deji answered, “I have a few ., I have a few in United States”. Diana asked, “Your parents are in Lagos?” Deji replied, “My mom is in Lagos and my dad is in United States. I have s brother ., and sister in United States, I have a large family. I’m from a polygamous family”.


Diana asked, “Are you the last born?” Deji replied, “No, I’m the 16th”. Diana looking shocked, asked, “The what”. Deji said, “Yesh you heard me right, the 16th”. Diana asked, “Same dad?” Deji answered, “Yeah same dad different mothers”.

Deji asked, “How about you, how many siblings do you have?” Diana answered, “One brother, one sister, I’m the last”. Deji responded, “For real? How old are you?” Diana replied, “22”. Deji, looking surprised, continued, “So how old is the first?” Diana replied in an inaudible manner, ….”

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