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After the engagement though, what next? These are the things you can do immediately after getting engaged.

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Yes! Start making all the calls, book an engagement shoot, queue up cute pictures of your ring for Instagram! You are allowed to make as much noise as you want, you’re engaged! Your friend and family probably already know and are waiting for your call.

Your ring is going to be on dis. a lot, and it’s attached to your fingers. Get a popping manicure and get ready to show your ring to everyone.

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You’re going to be introducing him a lot, so get used to your new status-and his. He’s a fiance now, no longer a boyfriend. You’re a fiancee!

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Ring insurance doesn’t sound glamorous, but it is necessary. It gives your ring security-you plan to have it for a long time, after all. Most insurance companies have coverage for your important new bling.

You can’t start planning the wedding without knowing when you want to get married. Even if you don’t have a certain date in mind yet, have a month in mind. It helps you to work towards your wedding goals.

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Enjoy all the time before wedding planning starts in earnest. You deserve it!

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Getting engaged is so exciting! Here are some cute ideas to help you make a big splash when you announce your news on social media.


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