In Spite Of All THESE Setbacks, Maureen Esisi Still Had The Wedding Of Her Dreams


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In the run up to the wedding day, many brides are happy and at the same time full of fears. They worry if everything will go as planned, they worry if a vendor will not show up, they worry if something important will go missing, and the list goes on.

But at the end of the day the goal of your wedding day is to get married. No matter what goes wrong concentrate on the main goal of the day and be happy!

Last week Saturday, Maureen Esisi got married! It all looked so perfect and gorgeous in the photos, but apparently many things didn’t go according to plan.

Maureen took to her Instagram page to talk about the challenges she encountered few days to D-day.

She wrote,

Few days to my big day, my lips got burnt, the makeup artist I contacted and booked months ago bailed on me, my jewelry got lost in transit, my first reception dress got ruined, the spirit of fear hovered around, The second reception dress got delivered n didn’t fit…My tiara was replaced with a less attractive one compared to d one that was lost (or so I tot). A day to my wedding and I was going upandan. Hubby’s clothes came in last min and had to be drycleaned.. Brother needed cloth sorting, My reception dress needed a truck load of adjustments, my office needed to be fully operational to achieve d perfect reception dress cos sending it back to d maker didn’t work for me. Contacted a new makeup artist… But at that point, I cudnt be bothered anymore ABOUT how I looked or how d day went after all d very annoying n irritating setbacks livn me too upset half d time, cranky n stressed…… But LOOK AT GOD!!!!!!!!!! He Perfects it at His Own Time


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