No Yoruba traditional wedding is complete without the eru iyawo. Eru iyawo are the items on the list given to the groom’s family by the bride’s parents to be presented at the traditional engagement. T. was a time when eru iyawo was just wrapped in plain paper or not wrapped at all. Things have certainly changed and wrapping it up beautifully is all the rave at the moment.

Here are some eru iyawo packaging ideas that will certainly keep your guests talking for a long time:

1. Packaged with style
eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Afrocentric)

2. Orange is our new favourite colour

This orange and white coloured wrapping is the pop of colour your wedding needs.

eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Instagram/Eruiyawo Concepts)

3. One word for this?

We think it should be: beautiful.

Eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Instagram/ Eruiyawo Concepts)

4. Blending the colours with style

This is a lit blend of colours that will make even your single friends jealous. They might be rushing to get married after they see this.

Eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Afrocentric Prints)

5. Wrapped with the colour of the day

Wrapping it up in the colours of the day is a brilliant idea.

Eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Afrocentric Prints)

6. Blue is beautiful

Don’t you just love this packaging idea? We can assure you, you can’t go wrong with this.

Eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Watermark Photo)

7. Stylish and elegant

Two words to describe this: stylish and elegant.

Eru iyawo packaging ideas

(Photo: Afrocentric)

Packaging is everything and with these inspiring ideas, you will surely keep your guests talking long after your wedding.

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