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HAZEL CREST, ILLINOIS – UNDATED: Sarah Massey, who has a 7ft wide butt, sits on a chair at home which barely accommodates her bottom in Hazel Crest, Illinois.

Bootylicious Sarah Massey has a butt measuring a whopping 7ft. The mum-of-two from Chicago, US, gets attention everywhere she goes because of her giant behind – which is an awesome size 10XL. Sarah’s large behind makes everyday tasks such as fastening a seatbelt or passing through doorways difficult.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Kimberly Nicole / Barcroft USA

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The society is filled with lots of endowed people; it is normal for one to have quite a number of them as friends. This post is different from the others as you will be amazed at the massiveness of this woman’s butt.

It is important for you to appreciate yourself no matter the situation. What you feel about yourself on the inside will reflect what your demeanour will be. If you think of yourself as a beautiful woman, then you will be beautiful and extend this thought to every aspect of your life.

We have seen lots of people in the society who have been ridden of their confidence because they think their shapes are not good enough. Some think they are bloated and of no use when the slim ones are in view.

It could be embarrassing for the plus size women in the environment to pass through exits that the slim ones would have passed through without them having any glitch. They also have to worry about their weights destroying public properties when they are out.

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Sarah Massey is a woman you need to meet; she definitely has seen a lot and is no longer ready to succumb to intimidation. At thirty-three, she is proud of her body as she does not care what people say anymore.

The young woman from Chicago gets lots of . from people; the good, bad and ugly. She receives about $1231 in disability benefit each month because she cannot move around a lot.

Her movement is inhibited because she has a 7-foot-wide butt. According to her, her condition is hereditary since the women in her family have large hips. While growing up, she was teased about her hips and butt.

You can imagine what dating will be for this woman like since she only attracts men who are ten or twenty years older than her. The younger men are much more interested in skinnier women. She is opened to the idea of working out even though she loves her huge butt. She thinks it will be nice to have it reduced.

The size of her butt makes it uncomfortable sitting on a chair as she complains of back ache almost every time. She wants to encourage other women to work on their bodies while retaining their curves.

Hopefully this plan of hers to exercise often will help her remain healthy as there are many health issues associated with being fat. Find other pictures of Massey below:

1. Bootilicious

Woman with 7-foot-wide butt speaks about her body

2. Hmmm

Woman with 7-foot-wide butt speaks about her body

3. Wide indeed

Woman with 7-foot-wide butt speaks about her body

4. I’m sexy and I know it

Woman with 7-foot-wide butt speaks about her body

5. Massive

Woman with 7-foot-wide butt speaks about her body

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