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This is Nigeria, where everything is so extra, but do we have to involve our dear wedding ceremony? Some churches actually need certificates from the registry and confirmation that you’ve performed the traditional rites before the white wedding. Why though?
A wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be more than 1, .’s why we think so
1. Funds

If the different ceremonies were free, it would have been great. There’s a cost for the getting the registry processes done, and the cost for the traditional marriage rites? let’s not even talk about that. Then the white wedding and reception. Talk about love don’t cost a thing!

wedding ceremony

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2. Repetition

The idea of getting married and inviting family and friends is to share your joy with them and have witnesses to the beautiful occasion… How many times can they possibly witness before we can say the witnessing is enough.

Is more than one wedding ceremony necessary?

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3. Stress

Some couples look forward to, as well as dread the wedding processes. The honeymoon is not luxury anymore, it’s very needed so that the couples don’t break down from all the stress that comes from trying to get married.

wedding ceremony


4. Culture

Some couples actually just stick to one ceremony – either the court or the white wedding or even the traditional wedding… and still enjoy their marriages. So why do others still insist on the 3, for the culture?

Do you think three wedding ceremonies are really necessary?

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