Popular Nigerian rapper, Panshak Henry Zamani, better known as Ice Prince, has claimed that his 2011 hit song ‘Oleku’ is the first song to be categorised as “Afrobeats.”

Ice Prince said he and his team decided to add an “s” to Afrobeat, which was created by Fela Kuti to give an identity to their new sound when they were sending ‘Oleku’ to international radio stations.

He said Ghanaian DJ, DJ Abrante is widely recognised for creating Afrobeats because he was the one who .listed ‘Oleku,’ stressing that the DJ used the tag Afrobeats on the directive of him and his team.


In his words:

“Oleku’ was one of the first songs to be .listed on BBC Radio. One of the first Afrobeats songs to be .listed. And at that time, they [foreign DJs] didn’t know what to call our music and they couldn’t call it Afrobeat. So, we [I and my team] told them to put an ‘s’ it to make it Afrobeats.

“Check the history, ‘Oleku’ was the first Afrobeats record. Because they have to label it on a radio station, that was why we put the ‘s.’ If not tell me who came up with the ‘s’ at the end? A lot of people said it is credited to DJ Abrante, but guess what? Abrante was the one that .listed the song ‘Oleku.’ That’s my own claim o!”

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