It is time we taught you the difference.

Every time we hear the words, skin brightener, many of us automatically think about Vera Sidika or many other African women who have decided to lighten their skin tone in the quest for beauty. Skin brightening and skin brightening are not the same things. There is a big difference and Beauty Blogger Oshin is . to set the record straight.

Is using a skin brightener going to bleach you?

No. A skin brightener does not a bleach. Brighteners do not tamper with the skin’s natural tone but work at enhancing radiance by battling things like dullness, hyperpigmentation and scars e.g. vitamin c infused products. Lighteners work by minimizing melanin production in the skin and make your skin tone lighter with continued use. Whiteners, on the other hand, are proper bleaching products that actually remove melanin from the skin in an intensive way.

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We recommend you use the Loreal Paris Clay Form Pure Clay Detox that exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities leave skin smoother and brighter. 
. are the 3 easy steps that will help you remove your makeup every night.

Is Using A Skin Brightener Going To Bleach You?


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