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Fellow DIY Queens, we’ve got something really cool for you to try. It’s time to make your very own homemade facial oil moisturizer!

All the ingredients you need are listed below:

1. Your Base or Carrier Oil

2. Extra Nourishing Bonus Oils

3. Essential Oils

Our two favourite Base Oils are Argan oil and/or Jojoba oil, because they’re both very healing and very light and they sink into your skin without any feeling of greasiness, and they’re great for all skin types!

Homemade Facial Oil Moisturizer


The Extra Nourishing Bonus Oils are a little pricier, but with that price tag comes a beautiful kick in the pants to your troubled skin.

So . are some ideas for the more nourishing “bonus” oils for your homemade facial oil moisturizer:

Tamanu oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Rosehip seed oil

Carrot seed oil

Evening primrose oil

Note: You only need a couple of tiny drops of essential oil to get an amazing benefit for your skin. Essential oils are potent and they last forever when you use them this way!

The most common essential oils include:

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Lavender oil

Peppermint oil

Rose oil

Lemongrass oil

Rosemary oil

Homemade Facial Oil Moisturizer

(Photo: Dr Axe)

Okay, quickly, .’s how you mix ’em

We’re going to assume you’re using a 1-oz bottle to make your homemade facial oil moisturizer! Fill your small bottle just under 2/3 of the way with your base oil. Add your “bonus nourishing” oil until the bottle is just about full (unless you’re using carrot seed oil, in which case just put in a few drops)

Add ONLY 4-7 drops of essential oil. Cap and shake well after each drop, and you can gauge, very roughly, just how much essential oil you’ll need. You should be able to smell it, but it should not be overpowering.

And that’s it! You have your homemade facial oil moisturizer.

Homemade Facial Oil Moisturizer

(Photo: . via Essential Oil Benefits)

Keep your facial oil out of the sunlight, and it should be good for 8-12 months.

However, if you are the ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself’ type, jejely go to a beauty store and buy a ready-to-use moisturizing essential oil mix. It’s not that deep.




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