It Was A Normal Dentist Check-up. But What The Doctor Pulls Out of Her Mouth? Warning to All


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Emily Lallouz was very worried. She had a dentist appointment and the last thing she expected when she got there was to discover that she had plastic embedded in her gums. What made her more terrified was the fact where it came from.

She found out that a common dental product caused the terrifying effect.

In a case you have utilized Crest toothpaste over the last five years, there is the possibility of having plastic in your gums too.

At the end of 2014, dentists and hygienists started finding tiny blue beads fixed in their patients’ gums.

When one hygienist, Trish Walraven from Dental Buzz (video below), kept seeing it, she reached out to Crest for a statement.

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Crested filled their toothpaste with plastic to give it “color.” These microplastics are a big problem.

These plastics pollute the ocean water and kill marine life. Not just that, but they also get embedded in your body.

Emily Lallouz said the following: “I had a root canal done last week and while she was irrigating she asked me if I used any of the Crest Pro-Health toothpastes. After I said yes, she showed me all those blue things that “clean” were under my gums and in between my teeth. They are actually PLASTIC!!! She then did a real cleaning and kept blasting out those blue plastic beads from under my gums!!! If you thought they burst or were “beads of magical fluoride and whiting fun,” they are NOT!! If you or your kids are using this STOP NOW! It’s even illegal in a couple states!”

If you have this kind of toothpaste, you should immediately toss it out. These types of toothpaste are harmful.

Watch the video below in order to learn more.