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I’ve Saved N110 Billion Since I Assumed Office” – FCT Minister, Wike » FashionStyle FS News

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has announced that he has successfully saved N110 billion since assuming office.

FS News reports that Wike led this out during a meeting with estate developers in Abuja on Tuesday,

The minister expressed concern regarding the prevalence of fake Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) being issued through the land process.


He further revealed that corrupt individuals within the administration were demanding payment of N5 million for obtaining a C of O.

Wike said:


“I can tell you authoritatively that I have saved not less than N110 billion for FCTA since I assumed office three months ago.

“Allocation of lands to three or more persons will no longer be allowed. C of O enables you to do business.

“When we make the right decision some people will be happy, some will not. We are ready for such a fight.


“When I was governor of Rivers State, we had three C of Os from FCT. Three. It turned out that all were fake.

“The C of O was coming from FCTA as a government, not as an individual. The plots are allocated or said to be allocated.


“We paid money. When I sent the Liaison Officer, the people from FCTA took him to the land and later, we discovered that it was fake land. Look at the money we had paid.

“The people disappeared. We could not find them again. Over N57 million that we paid. Why? Because that was how it was being done in the FCT. I have said that it will not work again.


“I will seek Mr President’s approval to link any C of O to the NIN number so that we know when this house falls, we will know the owner.

“So that when a crime is committed on a property, we will know the owner. This is what happens in developed countries. The rich men will kick against it but anything that will help our people must be done.


“Support this move. T. must be sanity in our system. You will attest to the fact that t. are changes. How will you feel that at the end of the day, you have a C of O but it is fake or that your land is allocated to another person”?

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