Joan On Sex: “I hate women who keep hair at their vaginas, It's irritating” – boyfriend laments


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Hi Miss Jay. I really love what you write and how you respond to people’s troubles. Kudos to you and Pulse! Well, I’m Kevin and I want to ask that why do some women love growing hair at their private parts. I hate hair down there and find it irritating. So, should women always be shaved or not? I really want to know.

Dear Kevin

Thanks a million for staying with me on this column. Hope you keep reading each week. Now, concerning the pubic hair issue, I think it depends on the women. Each person has something they cherish so I can’t be the judge. However, it’s left for you to talk to that your girlfriend to keep it clean and shaved so you both will be comfortable. Make her understand the problems about keeping it unshaved as well as shaved. Trust me, she’ll understand.

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Hello Joan, I’m Melissa but friends call me Mel. I’m 33 years old and still single. Why? Because the guy I was thinking will be my husband was already married and NEVER told me about it. We dated for two years and I was so blind not to realize he was a married man. In fact, I am still looking for him… because I’ll surely kill him for doing that to me. I’m so angry, confused and depressed. What do I do?

Dear Mel,

Hope this makes me your friend too… I am sorry that he betrayed you like this but look at the positive side of it. He did you a huge favor. What if you both got married and you found out he was married to someone else? So, if you found out now, its better you leave him, cry and then wipe your tears and get ready to face life and love again.

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Hello Joan, my name is Susan and I am an independent minded woman but I always find myself dating men who are so stingy. They always take advantage of the fact that I love taking care of my stuff. I am currently single because I couldn’t cope with my ex and his craftiness. Is is bad for a woman to be independent? Why can’t she gifted things like other girls? I’m really worried.

Dear Susan,

First of all, it’s not a bad thing to be an independent woman! Some men only feel intimidated besides such women and turn to make them feel wanting. Be who you are and trust me that you will find the exact person for your type. This is the 21st century, many men want women who can take care of things, yet be pampered by gifts. So, don’t be bothered. After all you can’t pretend to be somebody you are not.


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Untill, next week, stay out of trouble!


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