Just Got Engaged? These Are The Things You Should Not Do


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So, you just got engaged? Yay! Congratulations! People will tell you what to do, w. to start and steps to take next, but they might not mention the things you should not do.

If you just got engaged, avoid falling into any wedding planning holes before you even post your engagement ring selfie on Instagram.

You should not:

Tell your social media followers before your family

It usually happens so fast. One second it’s on your WhatsApp status, then Snapchat, then Instagram. It’s more respectful to tell family first, so your mum is not left wondering why the neighbour’s child knew about her daughter’s engagement before her. Unless you want wahala.

just got engaged

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Wear a ring that doesn’t fit

In a bid to flaunt your ring, you may end up wearing a ring you don’t like or one that doesn’t fit. You don’t have to! Your fiancé can make a mistake so it’s okay to tell him why you need to get another ring…and wait until you do.

just got engaged

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Take all the advice you’ll be given

You’ll most likely start hearing a lot of ideas and advice from everyw.; friends, family and strangers. You’ll need to be careful and be a little selfish while thinking of the kind of wedding you’ve always wanted.

just got engaged

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Start wedding dress shopping immediately

Some brides buy their wedding dresses even before the proposal, lol and that’s risky. You might add or lose weight or your taste might totally change. You can have a list of options you might like, but getting your wedding dress shouldn’t be first on the list.

just got engaged

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Forget to breathe

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll be surprised how all the plans you thought you had, start getting confusing. You can get a wedding planner if you can’t deal or you can take a small break before you delve into all the planning.

just got engaged

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We hope you have fun when you start the wedding planning proper! You’ll find this vendor checklist useful.

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