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 Kaduna Residence Reacts To Suspension Of Firewood, Charcoal For Cooking

Residents of Kaduna reacted on Friday to the suspension of tree felling for timber, firewood, and charcoal.

They stated that the price of gas for cooking has already gone beyond the means of every household, while the state administration has suspended the use of firewood and charcoal for low-income earners and unemployed sections of society.


On September 24, 2021, the state government declared the suspension of tree felling for timber, firewood, and charcoal for commercial purposes in seven Local Governments: Birnin Gwari, Igabi, Chikun, Giwa, Kachia, Kauru, and Kajuru.

Prices for cooking gas and kerosene have risen since the suspension. As a result, many residents in the state opt to buy bread, and others, in most cases, go to nearby eateries to satiate their hunger.


Residents in the state’s Kajuru, Mararaba, Igabi, and Birnin Gwari Local Governments said it was a difficult time for them.

Mallam Mohammed Garba of Kajuru expressed his discontent with the suspension of tree felling. He stated that regardless of the explanation given by the government for its conduct, the lives of inhabitants come first.


“What we are experiencing in Kaduna now is becoming terrible.” This is a state where there are no jobs, not even manual labor. Everyday kidnappings. Even if you have a farm, you are unlikely to venture out for fear of being kidnapped. When you go to the market, you will see that the prices are always rising.
Many people can no longer afford to buy food. Even if you buy, there will be no fire, firewood, or charcoal. You can’t even ask for gas since it’s too expensive for middle-class males in the state.”

On Friday in the state’s Igabi Local Government Area, Hajia Bilkisu Umar, who was dissatisfied with the situation in the state, stated that there must be a hidden agenda behind the suspension of tree felling, and that there is no genuine reason for the suspension of tree felling other than keeping people in perpetual hunger.


“The only reason for the protracted suspension of tree felling is that the government wants people to suffer from severe hunger, poverty, and slavery,” she explained.

She went on to remark that when a person is hungry, he or she has little influence in society.
Whatever comes, whatever regulations are enforced, he/she accepts because his/her right has been taken away by the employment of demonic laws that challenge him to hunger in order to deprive him of his right.


Alhaji Umar, who has resided in the state’s Birnin Gwari Local Government Area for close to 34 years, stated that whomever deprives someone of his lawful means of survival in this time of adversity has a strategy to eliminate him.

“Nobody is at ease in the state in which I am conversing with you. The majority (if not all) are having difficulty eating because the means are no longer available. If you are fortunate enough to receive rice or beans from a friend, wood and charcoal are another barrier to overcome because you have a government that wishes to protect you from robbers. “Have bandits ceased since the suspension?” he inquired, his eyes welling up with tears.



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