Kambua’s Cornrow Styles Will Give You Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit!


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We are yet to see Kambua having a bad hair day!

Besides her powerful music, we know and love Kambua for her tasteful style and recently, her cornrow styles have been giving us life! To say that her hair is always slayed to the gods would be down playing the fact that the we want the contacts of all her hairdressers! The weekend is loading and just in case you need some inspiration for your salon appointment, we got you covered.

1. Fro-hawk cornrow styles have never looked this bomb!

When it comes to cornrow styles, the trick to slaying the look is creativity. We love this fro-hawk look on Kambua and we may or may not have taken a screenshot to share with our hairstylist. 😛 Her hair stylist, Catherine Mbaire did normal cornrows and then used the popular Amadiva Kinky hair to achieve the fro hawk.

Kinky Weaves Kenya, Zumi

.: Kambua.

It is no wonder the Amadiva Kinky hair is so popular! It has such a natural look and could easily pass as your natural hair! The hair can also be styled in different ways, including as a weave!

Cornrow Hairstyles Kenya, Zumi

.: Kambua.

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2. Mosodo with a twist 😉

We love cornrow styles that pull back, allowing for the facial features to stand out. This all-up/mosodo situation is both chic and easy to achieve and we cannot get enough of how gorgeous Kambua looks in this style! This style was also achieved by Catherine, from Amadiva Salon.

Cornrow Styles Kenya, Zumi

.: Kambua.

3. French braid cornrow styles.

In case you are looking for something quick, chic and well put together, this French braid inspired style may just be your speed. Although this cornrow styles may not last too long on natural hair, they are the perfect go-to for something temporary as you contemplate your next hair move.

Cornrow Hairstyles Kenya, Zumi

.: Catherine Mbaire style on Kambua.

There you have it, girlies! We hope this was good inspiration for your next cornrow styles!

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Kambua’s Cornrow Styles Will Give You Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit!

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