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Kannywood: Aisha Tsamiya, net worth, age, pictures, biography


Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is a stunning actress from Nigeria’s Kannywood.

She is a prominent Kannywood actress from Nigeria.


She stands out from her counterparts in terms of her manner of life, attire, and behaviour around fans.

Who Is Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya?


Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is a famous Nigerian Hausa Actress, Model, Movie Director, and dancer in Kannywood.

She was born in Nasarawa town, a popular local government in Kano in 1992.


The attractive Kannywood actress finished her education t. before entering the industry as an actress.

Aisha Tsamiya started acting in 2011, and since her first movie was titled “Tsamiya,” she has become known as Tsamiya in the business.


Tsamiya’s ascent to fame started when she acted in the well-received movie “Dakin Amarya,” which was acclaimed as one of the year’s greatest Hausa films.

The Kannywood actress’s superb acting skills in that movie cemented her reputation as a household figure in Nigeria.


She has been in several movies since she first entered the Hausa film industry. The actress has been praised for her work in every film she has acted in.

In Kannywood, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is such a stunning young lady. She is considered one of the most attractive actors in Hausa cinema.


Aisha has also worked with promo actresses like Rahama Sadau, Maryam Yahaya, Halima Atete, Maryam Booth, Nafisat Abdullahi Fati Washa And Ummi Rahab.

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Movies

  1. Tsamiya
  2. Ranar Baiko
  3. Hanyar Kano
  4. Bahaushiya
  5. Da Kishiyar Gida
  6. Dakin Amarya
  7. Husna
  8. Jamila
  9. Mai Dalilin Aure
  10. Makahon Gida
  11. Munubiya
  12. Niqab
  13. Nisan Kiwo
  14. Rayuwa Bayan Mutuwa
  15. Zeenat
  16. Kalan dangi

The approximate net worth of Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is worth more than million Naira. 

Her influence made her one of Kannywood’s most prominent actresses.

In Summary

Name: Aisha Aliyu


Nickname: Tsamiya

Age: 30 years old


Year of birth: 1992

Origin: Kano State


Profession: Actress, Model, Dancer, Movie Director and Producer

Language: Hausa



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