Keeping Your Valuables Safe At Owambes Is Easy With These TipsZUMI


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Sadly thieves attend weddings too, and since we can’t deny them this grand privilege, we can learn how to save ourselves the heartache of being victims.

Keeping your valuables safe 101 is a compulsory class for everyone, so get in .…

1. Leave it at home

This might be obvious, but for emphasis we’re saying… If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. You don’t need to carry your 2 tablets, your iPhone, a digital camera, your e-book reader and all your credit cards. Truth is you’ll not need all of them at the wedding. Keeping your valuable safe will be easier if you don’t have a lot of valuables to worry about.

2. Have a buddy

Asides the fact that every Owambe is much more fun when you have a partner-in-crime, you guys can take turns to watch each others stuff and if you both have to leave at once, please carry your things with you, except you know someone else. Don’t trust anybody at the wedding because you’ve taken lots of selfies together or because the person has a great smile!

keeping your valuables safe

(Photo: OO Charles)

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3. Carry a Power bank

At some point, you’re likely to run out of battery life so come prepared. Instead of carrying your charger up and down, or asking the DJ to find a space for you, just invest in a power bank today. It should be in the Nigerian constitution!

4. Don’t make yourself a target

As you enjoy yourself at the wedding, try not to get too carried away. You don’t have to bring out every thing in your bag to find one thing or start counting lots of money obviously. These kind of things might attract the wrong people.

keeping your valuables safe

(Photo: Wedding Digest)

5. Be security conscious

The best way to avoid a thief is to think like one. Try not to be naive and look at for tell-tale signs or suspicious moves. Basically, be careful and aware.

Speaking of owambes, .’s how to slay on a budget at your next one.


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