Kehinde Dada Thrills With Anti-corruption Solo Visual Art Exhibition


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It was a great day at the Lobby of Transcorp Hilton, Abuja when people from all walks of life gathered in their numbers to celebrate a great artist and his works that shows the fight against corruption by the President Mohammadu Buhari’s government.

The arts titled AKED 2016, Solo Visual ART Exhibition on Anti-Corruption, saw various arts like Recuperation, Nation Cake, Let Kill It, Victory Ascertain, Silent Killer, Quarantine, Divinity of Labour, Temptation, Sound Of Change, Legacy, Heightened Vision, Hope Alive, Unity, Peace and Progress, Deep Thought and many others captured the attention of guests who were on hand to support the ingenious artist.

The art that capture’s anyone attention at the scene was titled ‘Recuperation’ which is a 48×72inches acrylic on a canvass painting. The bright face of his Excellency, Mohammadu Buhari and the efforts invested in the opening of the lion’s mouth detailed with pointillism technique expresses the government boldness, courage and determination in fulfilling its campaign promises as regards anti-corruption agenda.

The full grown angry lion in the painting according to the artist represents the corrupt, while; the scale of justice as blended in the background explains the legality and of the fight on the part of the government while the lion struggles with justice.

Speaking with the talented art exhibitor, Dada Kehinde, a known artist who has served in various capacity of different art organisation and also a member of Society of Nigerian Artist (SNAFCT) said:

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‘The motivation for this art is due to the corruption Nigeria as a country has been experiencing.  I took an x-ray from the present situation which can never be taken away from corruption. And I must say that it falls into two areas, for example, if water is coming, if electricity is intact, if everything is working, it would be hard for people to think about corruption. When you see that the nation is in this position, you ask two questions, is it from our leaders and how can you trace it to our leaders or the followers. From the leaders you have not been able to do what is expected of you. For instance, when you see a man who has worked for 35-years and finally retired. Now he’s coming for his pension, spending more than 3-days in the queue, falling and nothing happened, the same man went borrowing just to go get his pension. This changes mindset, you hear those who worked under him saying ‘if my . will be going through all this challenges after working for many years what will happen to me, let me just help myself by changing figures.’ That means by the area of that challenge, corruption is being peddled. But I discovered that if we can teach this message to the people, thing would change to the better.

He also pointed out that “I have been able to study the political history of Nigeria, and I stand to be corrected, no man has been able to stand against corruption. We know that there is corruption. This is the first time as a Nigerian that I have seen someone who is bold enough to fight, challenge and touch the untouchables, the cabals, it takes boldness to do that, we shouldn’t wait until long before we appreciate what he has done. He has done well.’ He explains.

In a . development, the Executive Secretary, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye thanked all for showing interest in the anti-corruption arts by the talented Dada Kehinde while calling on every Nigeria to support the president’s fight against corruption and corrupt people to create an enabling environment for the future generation.

In an interview with the Director, Research And Documentation, National Council For Art and Culture, Dr Lizi Ben-Iheanacho, say the idea of the artist exhibition is to be able to expand the platform for engagement and a platform against corruption, the passion, commitment and the ideology driving the administration. ‘But when the artist engage with ideology then you knows he been driven a message home. He has gone beyond the hallowed chambers of Aso Villa; he’s also gone beyond the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly. Now it is the artist engaging primarily with his audience and his target, the masses. The whole idea of this exhibition is to expand the frontiers of peoples understanding in graphic terms, the capacity of corruption to destroy society. So the artist is the choice of the masses and this artist has chosen the various medium displayed here today to let people know that the fight is not only for the presidency, but all the executive,  legislative, judiciary and others.’ She said.



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